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Selecting Your Mailsail Boom Cover

There are many benefits from purchasing a mainsail cover. Primarily the cover is there to protect your mainsail from harmful elements especially ultra violet sun rays. Sail covers also enhance the look of your boat and help tidy up your flaked sail and halyards.

There are a number of choices you need to consider in a mainsail cover. Firstly, the material. You can go for plastic or tarpaulin material. These do the job but are not aesthetically good looking and do tend to fray quite quickly. Marine canvas is a common material used. This material is usually UV stabilised and is expensive to use, although they are durable and feel nice! We use PU coated polyester PVC. This material can come in various thickness so we use the strongest, 600 Denier. The material is waterproof and UV stabilised and is very durable. It is also less expensive to source and hence makes a great value cover.

Secondly you need to consider the fittings. This is where our unique Velcro strap design for securing the cover under the boom plays its part. I have stood on a cabin roof in howling winds and pouring rain whilst flaking the sail as best I can, and then struggling to get the sail cover on only to find making it secure with wet, frozen fingers a total fiasco. You can get sail covers with the traditional hook and shock cord (as was in my case!). This works but can be fiddly. I also found the plastic hooks disintegrate with time rendering the cover useless unless you can sew new ones in! The eyelet with turn button method is secure but again can be fiddly. Our Velcro fastenings are simple and easy and are flexible enough to accommodate a rushed flaking of the sail on the boom. The Velcro will last a lifetime.

We currently only do blue colour as its the most popular and to keep costs down we make these in bulk. We are looking into a variety of different colours but we currently can't do bespoke covers or lazy jacks.

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